Effects of thermal diffusion and chemical reaction on MHD transient free convection flow past a porous vertical plate with radiation, temperature gradient dependent heat source in slip flow regime

صفحه 83-95
S. Mohammed Ibrahim؛ K. Suneetha


Effects of temperature gradient magnitude on bending angle in laser forming process of aluminium alloy sheets

صفحه 97-109
Amir H. Roohi؛ H. Moslemi Naeini؛ M. Hoseinpour Gollo؛ J. Shahbazi Karami؛ Sh. Imani Shahabad


Diffusion-thermo effects on MHD free convective radiative and chemically reactive boundary layer flow through a porous medium over a vertical plate

صفحه 111-126
J. Prakash؛ P. Durga Prasad؛ R. V. M. S. S. Kiran Kumar؛ S. V. K. Varma


Estimating the unknown heat flux on the wall of a heat exchanger internal tube using inverse method

صفحه 127-136
M. Sh. Mazidi؛ M. Alizadeh؛ L. Nourpour؛ V. Shojaee Shal


Optimizing naturally driven air flow in a vertical pipe by changing the intensity and location of the wall heat flux

صفحه 137-145
M. Rahimi؛ M. Khalafi-Salout


Incompressible laminar flow computations by an upwind least-squares meshless method

صفحه 147-160
M. Y. Hashemi


A study on the use of perturbation technique for analyzing the nonlinear forced response of piezoelectric microcantilevers

صفحه 161-172
M. Zamanian؛ M. Hadilu؛ B. Firouzi

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