Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Voltage Control and Load Sharing in a DC Islanded Microgrid Based on Disturbance Observer

صفحه 1-10
H. Amiri؛ G. Arab Markadeh؛ N. Mahdian


A Comprehensive Mathematical Model for Analysis of WR-Resolvers under Stator Short Circuit Fault

صفحه 11-18
H. Lasjerdi؛ Z. Nasiri-Gheidari؛ F. Tootoonchian


Low Computational Complexity and High Computational Speed in Leading DCD ERLS Algorithm

صفحه 19-26
F. Abdi؛ P. Amiri؛ M.H. Refan


Improvement of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Performance Using Auxiliary Gate and Retrograde Doping in the Channel

صفحه 27-34
M. Karbalaei؛ D. Dideban؛ N. Moezi


Proposed New Conceptual and Economic-Based Flexibility Index in Real-Time Operation Incorporating Wind Farms

صفحه 35-44
H. Berahmandpour؛ Shahram Montaser kouhsari؛ H. Rastegar


Hemispherical Vibratory Gyroscope Performance Evaluation and Sensitivity Analysis with Capacitive Excitation

صفحه 45-56
R. Sedaghati؛ M. Mahmoudian


Experimental Performance of Adaptive Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control on a Suspended Cable Robot

صفحه 57-66
M. I. Hosseini؛ M.R. Jafari Harandi؛ S. A. Khalilpour Seyedi؛ H. Taghirad


WOA-based Interval Type II Fuzzy Fractional-order Controller Design for a Two-Link Robot Arm

صفحه 67-80
F. Jamshidi؛ M. Vaghefi


A PFC-based Hybrid Approach for Control of Industrial Heating Furnace

صفحه 81-92
H. Nasiri Soloklo؛ N. Bigdeli


A Framework for High-Level Synthesis of VLSI Circuits Using a Modified Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm

صفحه 93-110
M.R. Esmaeili؛ S.H. Zahiri؛ S.M. Razavi


Faster Convergence of Modified Policy Iteration for Quantitative Verification of Markov Decision Processes

صفحه 111-120
M.S. Mohagheghi


Parameter Identification Method for Opinion Dynamics Models: Tested via Real Experiments

صفحه 121-131
S.M. Nematollahzadeh؛ S. Ozgoli؛ M. Sayad Haghighi

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