Diagnosis of Heart Disease Based on Meta Heuristic Algorithms and Clustering Methods

صفحه 105-110
S. Roostaee؛ H.R Ghaffary


Comparison between Radial and Halbach Array PMLSM by Employing 2-D Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis

صفحه 111-117
H. Moradi CheshmehBeig؛ A. Khanmohamadian


Introducing New Trends for Persian CAPTCHA

صفحه 119-126
F. Yaghmaee؛ M. Kamyar


A new low power high reliability flip-flop robust against process variations

صفحه 127-135
S. Yousefian Langroudi؛ R. Niaraki Asli


A New Method for Geolocating of Radiation Sources Based on Evolutionary Computation of TDOA Equations

صفحه 137-148
S.V. Shojaedini؛ M. Rahimi Nejad؛ R. Kasbgar Haghighi


Robust Adaptive Attitude Stabilization of a Fighter Aircraft in the Presence of Input Constraints

صفحه 149-155
M. Bahmani؛ T. Binazadeh


Comparative Reliability Analysis of Substation Automation Architecture Based on IEC 61850 Standard

صفحه 157-167
A. Mokari-Bolhasan؛ N. Taghizadegan-Kalantari


Adaptive-Filtering-Based Algorithm for Impulsive Noise Cancellation from ECG Signal

صفحه 169-176
A. Khalili؛ A. Rastegarnia؛ V. Vahidpour؛ Md.K. Islam


Optimal Finite-time Control of Positive Linear Discrete-time Systems

صفحه 177-184
Gholam Reza Rezaei؛ Tahereh Binazadeh؛ Behrouz Safarinejadian


LPV Control for speed of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with PWM Inverter

صفحه 185-193
M.R. Alizadeh Pahlavani؛ H. Damroodi

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