A comparative study between two numerical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations

صفحه 1-12
M. Alemi؛ R. Maia


Influence of heat generation on the phase transformations and impact responses of composite plates with embedded SMA wires

صفحه 13-26
A. Niknami؛ M. Shariyat


Chemical reaction and thermal radiation effects on MHD micropolar fluid past a stretching sheet embedded in a non-Darcian porous medium

صفحه 27-46
L. Ramamohan Reddy؛ M. C. Raju؛ G. S. S. Raju؛ S. M. Ibrahim


Prediction of earing in deep drawing of anisotropic aluminum alloy sheet using BBC2003 yield criterion

صفحه 47-55
S. Izadpanah؛ S. H. Ghaderi؛ M. Gerdooei


Assessment of different methods for fatigue life prediction of steel in rotating bending and axial loading

صفحه 57-68
J. Amirian؛ H. Safari؛ M. Shirani؛ M. Moradi؛ S. Shabani


Water hammer simulation by explicit central finite difference methods in staggered grids

صفحه 69-77
F. Khalighi؛ A. Ahmadi؛ A. Keramat


Dynamical formation control of wheeled mobile robots based on fuzzy logic

صفحه 79-91
k. Alipour؛ m. Ghiasvand؛ B. Tarvirdizadeh


An efficient finite difference time domain algorithm for band structure calculations of Phononic crystal

صفحه 93-101
M. Moradi؛ M. Bagheri Nouri


Vibration analysis of functionally graded cylindrical shells with different boundary conditions subjected to thermal loads

صفحه 103-114
M. Talebitooti؛ M. Ghasemi؛ S. M. Hosseini


Enhancing the low cycle fatigue strength of AA6061 aluminum alloy by using the optimized combination of ECAP and precipitation hardening

صفحه 115-127
M. Jooybari؛ J. Shahbazi Karami؛ M. Sheikhi

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